I don’t know how you do it.

I get that a lot.

When they were babies and everything was “schedule, schedule, schedule”, my response to this statement was ” You just do.” And that is true – I just did. Things had to be done, and I did them.

Fast forward to age 3 1/2. Now when people say “I don’t know how you do it”, my response is mostly “I don’t either!”

Today was one of those days where I have no idea how I do it.

It started this morning when I woke up to find the trio sitting at the kitchen table eating pound cake and bananas. Between the three of them, 1/2 of a pound cake and 2 bananas were consumed. ( I forgot to move the cake plate off the kitchen bar – way to go me!)
Zoe kept telling me Wade ate all the strawberries in the fridge…but there were no strawberries in the fridge. I’m kind of worried about this.

Then, I go to check on them because there is waaaay too much laughing and screaming going on for anything good to be happening…and find they have torn up Wade’s bed. The mattress was flipped off, sheets ripped off, bedspread, pillows all thrown on the floor.

Then, all three announced they had to go poop at the same time. This, my friends, takes serious multi-tasking.

Then, as I was pouring apple juice in their cups, I lost my grip and the jug fell over and poured juice all over the counter and floor before I could get it upright again.

So, I mopped the floor.

Then, 30 minutes after I mopped the floor, I look over at Wade and he is standing in a puddle of pee right in the same spot I just mopped.

So, I mopped the floor again.

Then, as I’m walking in the playroom, I see a big dent in the wall, and a bed slat laying on the floor. Someone took out the bed slat, carried it into the playroom and banged the wall in the process. (Of course, everyone is blaming Wade.)

Then, I look over to see Olivia dipping my eyebrow brush into the toilet. Lovely.

And to top it all off…I go into the dark bathroom, flip on the light, and see this creature from Hell lurking on the soap dish…which causes me to jump back 2 feet, banging my shoulder into the door frame.

I’m kind of scared to wake up in the morning and start another day.