The very first graduation – sniff

I didn’t think there would be a graduation from the trio’s School Readiness Play Group…but there was. It was cute, too – let me tell ya!

Hopefully, they will be going to 4 year old preschool this fall. We will know for sure the middle of July. Say prayers…because they need it, and I could use it too! What will I do with all the extra time during the day….

The graduation ceremony was held at The Children’s Museum. It went pretty well, but the kids became very antsy because it took a while. They didn’t want to sit on the tree stump with their hat on and pose for a picture…which was fantastic because we were up on stage in front of everyone.

Picture me up there trying to place a wiggling 4 year old on the stump while holding the hat on their head and murmering to pleeease do this for mommy. (Not very pretty.)

We did manage to get a picture of all three together after the ceremony was over. You can see Zoe was still holding on to her grudge over the whole ordeal.

They received a really cool backpack full of stuff – colored pencils, crayons, markers, paint…(PAINT!!!) folders, flashlights, books, bubble blowers, rulers, beanie babies. It was really nice and they have enjoyed wearing the packs all over the house. I’ve already confiscated the crayons, markers, and paint… in case you were wondering. I learned that lesson a long time ago.