Pee and Fire

Yep, that about sums up my morning.

Mornings are still a tad hectic, now that the trips are in preschool. I still don’t have a good flow to get us all out of the house seamlessly. There has always been some sort of unexpected event that throws me off my game no matter how much I organize things the night before.

This morning was no different.

We were going about our routine as normal.

As the kids were taking their turn in the bathroom, I started breakfast. (Started breakfast as in getting the Pop Tarts ready to warm).

If you eat Pop Tarts – here is a tidbit for you. You can stack 4 pop tarts and wrap them in a paper towel. Then Microwave them for 7 seconds. The temp. is perfect to eat right then. Forget the toaster!

The next thing I hear is Wade telling me he peed on the floor in the bathroom. Great.
I grab a roll of paper towels, and my Clorox cleanup, leaving the 3 Tasmanian devils, and tweedy bird sitting at the table. I told them to wait a minute, then I would fix their breakfast.

Oh good grief – Wade peed on the floor alright! In fact, I’m wondering if he got any pee in the toilet at all.

So I start cleaning up the mess. I don’t know how long I was in there – there was a lot of pee. But it had to be a while. The next thing I notice is a strange smell. Fantastic.

I rush to the kitchen and see this white smoke rolling out of the microwave. It had filled the kitchen as well.
I quickly stop the microwave from running and look inside to make sure no metal utensils were placed inside.

Honestly, at this point I wasn’t sure what I would find inside, and I was relieved to only see the pop tarts ( if you could call them that anymore).

Of course I followed up this crisis with “WHO DID THIS?”

“Wade” replied 2 little voices.

That’s my boy. In fact, I have started a category on the right sidebar titled Hurricane Wade. There are enough instances that he deserves is own group. I’m so proud.