Sick, Sick, Sick, and more sick.

It has been a loooong week. The triplets started preschool 2 1/2 weeks ago. So far, they have missed 1 week of school. Not good statistics. I’ve heard many, many times, the first year of school is hard on the little ones. I just didn’t expect it to happen right from the “get-go”.

They all have the runny/stuffy nose, fever, fatigue (which can be nice… wait, did I just say that?), sore throat and cough. They have had colds before, but this time around they have also had this eye thing that involves running, puffiness, and a gross, gross, gross, goop coming out of them.

Wade has this the worst. Poor thing. And Zoe woke up fevered again. Luke seems fine. His cold cleared up pretty quickly. So David took Zoe and Wade to the doctor and both have ear infections as well as the viral infection(cold) in their eyes, nose and throat. The doctor prescribed antibiotics for both of them.

And I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to my pediatrian. She also gave Luke a prescription, even though he seems ok and didn’t go see her. It is a “just in case” he catches this from Wade and Zoe. That was such a blessing for her to do that.

So, the McCormick’s are lying low…trying to get through this mess…and back to normal.

Tis the season.