The Things We Do For Love

My “masking the flavor” options are dwindling. The antibiotic the kids are on is…well…horrible.

The doctor gave David 2 options when he took Zoe and Wade in. The first option was a medicine that tasted good, but could cause diarrhea. The second option was a medicine that didn’t taste good BUT didn’t cause diarrhea.

David made the executive decision and chose the medicine that tasted like crap. We would rather our kids gag, spit, and whine just so we don’t have to clean up the bathroom issues now that they are all in regular underwear. (That’s the benefit of being the parent. We get to to make the rules!)

But I  had a soft spot and tried to add things to this medicine to make it taste better.

This medicine honestly is a scary substance. There is nothing….NOTHING, to cover up the taste. I’ve tried milk, jelly, and ice cream. I’ve tried following the medicine with a gummy bear. Nothing works. It leaves a very bitter taste on the tongue and it’s hard to get rid of it.

We even had it done with bubble gum flavoring. Didn’t work. Do you know they charge now to add flavoring to medicine? That’s so nice, CVS. Thank you. Because most parents are going to choose a flavor, aren’t they? I bet CVS is making a killing.

So today … medicine dropper in one hand, spoonful of jelly in the other, gummy bear waiting on the counter, cup of milk nearby…I had a system. Didn’t work. I was really burned out on the whole “whine, spit, let the medicine drool out of the mouth, ordeal.”

At this point I called for David. I told him he was going to have to take over. I couldn’t do this. I had three kids to give this to and so far I couldn’t even get through the first.

So the “baby whisperer” comes over… takes the dropper in one hand, glass of water in the other and says “open wide”.  All three swallowed the medicine perfectly. I stood there just looking, trying to make sense of it all. And yes, I was a bit irritated that he could do this so easily.

He then told me “the secret is to treat them like a dog”. Ooooo kaaaaay.

Seriously though, he stuck the dropper way back in the mouth letting the medicine just roll down their throats. Then let them sip the water after.

So all this time I have been getting spit on, spilling medicine on my clothes, furniture and floors, dealing with the fussing and noncooperation when the Baby Whisperer knew this little gold nugget of info. and didn’t come to my rescue. Not cool, David. ;0)

But the news as of today, is the kids are doing much better and hopefully I can get them back to school tomorrow.