Come on in, please have a seat.

TODAY, we had our very first ever parent/teacher conference for the triplets. It’s just 4 year preschool, but I will admit to being just a tad “on edge” before the meeting. Every parent wants to go in and hear all the praises, and the ”your kid’s so smart”, and ”he’s a joy to have in my class”,  high fives, etc. And although I didn’t really expect that to happen, it was fun day dreaming that it did.

Realistically, I was just hoping my kids weren’t behaving at school like they behave at home. “Please, please please tell me they are good in your class”.

Did you know there is an accident report that is filled out each time a child is injured at school? I’m getting off the subject – I’ll explain more about this later.

So the conference went well. I heard about how the kids interact with other students, how they follow direction…or don’t. How they participate in group activities… or don’t.

I received a written report detailing everything. All three are responding well during group activities, can put together a 20 or more piece puzzle, sing a 30 or more word song, etc. But the unique things that were different were as follows:

Chooses/identifies special friends.
Enjoys playing dress up.
Can swing herself
Has begun to write her name and other letters.

Spontaneously takes turns / shares
To Do/or To Work On: He will be reevaluated for speech/language. Luke needs to break away from Wade and have some independence.

Talks about his own feelings, emotions, and attitudes.
Chooses/identifies special friends.
To Do/or To Work On: He will be reevaluated for speech/language. He can use eight or more words in a sentence even though it can be unclear at times.

Just to elaborate on Wade’s first point above – the teacher told me every morning they discuss what mood they are in; sad, happy, etc. Well I found out every morning when it’s Wade’s turn, he announces he is MAD. Then he follows that by telling everyone he is mad “because mom won’t let me stay home and watch superheros.”  Great – he is only 4 and has already started complaining about his mom.


Now – back to the accident report. I received a phone call from the school last Wednesday. Zoe was injured on the slide. She cut her ear, it bled, they put ice on it, etc. They said she was fine and eating lunch but they wanted me to know.

When I go to pick her up, I am given an accident report to read and then sign. I am then given a copy of the accident report for my records.

I must be old, because when I was in school, or when my two oldest were in school…if there was a cut or scrape, I never heard about it until one of the kids told me. There was never an accident report. For some odd reason I find the accident report over Zoe’s mild injury very humorous.

Now, here is the mystery I’m still trying to figure out. Zoe cut her ear coming down the slide. How do you cut your ear coming down a slide? You would have to be sliding down on the side of your head to do that, wouldn’t you? And where she got cut is even more mysterious. It is on top right inside the ear fold. I’m clueless on this. I can’t figure out how in the world this happened.

There is also the issue of her fear of bandaids. You mention a bandaid, and it is pure hysteria. So we don’t mention bandaids. Bandaids is a bad word. Noooooo bandaids.

So now I sit here with my parent/teacher evaluations in front of me, ready to sign and return. Everything is quiet, kids are in bed. “Husband” is watching TV.

This is a wonderful time of the day. ;O)

Goodnight all.