I Don’t Eat Babies!

Random things from our day:

It was a cold rainy day. Zoe and I were sitting on the couch talking about how hard it was to be 4 years old…ok, not really…but we were talking about random things she would bring up.

She looked up on a shelf and saw a picture of Luke, Wade, and herself all bundled together, just a few weeks old. She was asking about the picture and I started explaining about her being in mommy’s belly and growing until it was time for her to come out. I told her the doctor at the hospital helped get her out of my belly.

Her response was, “DID YOU EAT ME!?!?”

Maybe I started this conversation a bit too soon.


After the kids were ready for bed, they all climbed in the chair together and had some “group” time. It was really cute because they were all laughing and talking together. They were just a group of little humans having a conversation.

And who would have thought counting toes could be so fun?