Did I buy a house or sign up for IEP?

Yesterday I had my last and final meeting with the speech therapist regarding Wade. After 3 evaluations, 2 separate parent/speech therapist meetings, and signing enough papers to make me think I’m taking out a mortgage, Wade is now accepted into IEP for speech.
Seriously the papers I had to sign at the first meeting and also the second meeting, were sort of – comical.
I get that it is State funded and all the i’s and t’s need to be dotted and crossed. But I spent so much time hearing “sign here”, “initial there”, “full name here”…”sign, initial, and date here”.  I have to admit the atmosphere was so “serious” I felt a little intimidated.
Wade is doing great in all areas except speech. He is 4 years old and is at the 5/6 year range for his social development. He is great in gross and fine motor skills. But he is at the 2 year level for speech.
Lisa, the speech therapist, told me she always looks so forward to working with Wade because his mannerisms are so cute. Of course ( heh heh) I know exactly what she is talking about. I mean…come on…look at this smirk. He has had this smirk since he was a toddler.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. “he just drips with coolness”.
And I have to do something that I’m nervous about. I need to call the senator. What happens when you call a senator? Will I actually speak to “the senator” or a secretary? I promised the speech therapist I would call the senator. And since she intimates me and I know I will see her in the hall way at Mud Pies preschool and she will ask me “Did you call the senator?” (So ugh)…I have to call the senator. Because our lovely Governor Bev Perdue is cutting all state funding for our More At Four Program. And my kids have benefited so very much by this program. It has given them resources that they would not have had without it. It is because of More At Four, that they were able to go to preschool this year. It is a wonderful program and it is a cryin’ shame of all the programs to cut – this is the one they choose.
Have a lovely Saturday everyone. I have a very special give-a-way coming up next week. Do you like Thirty-One? Be sure to check back Monday morning to enter.

And I leave you with another picture of “smirk boy”