Dear Diary

Dear Diary

{ July 28 2011 }

I had a good day yesterday. Just did normal things and also got out of the house with the kids and my mom. Had to go down town and get Audrey’s certified birth certificate (since she lost the one she already had). I was alone and parked in a parking deck, then had to walk up the down town street to the register of deeds office. I hate being alone downtown…in parking decks. I feel like I’m going to end up on the 11:00 news as the story of the woman last seen…her car found vacant….family is handing out fliers….

Then later my mom got in a fight with another “Mimi” in the Children’s Museum grocery store. Later in the day I happened to check my make-up in my magnifying make-up mirror and noticed I had stray eyebrow hairs all the way down to my eyelids. Then remembered the children’s museum I was at that earlier has fluorescent lights…meaning the few moms there whom I chatted with were able to see my eyebrows in all their glory…along with my toenails that I’m still just patching as they chip, instead of removing the polish and starting over as I should do. Speaking of  which – we shared a lunch table with another mom and her two kids. Her kids were eating cups of yogurt, string cheese, crust-less peanut butter circle-cut sandwiches. Mine were eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers, fries, and Kool-Aid.

I got home too late to make anything special for dinner but remembered the left over grilled chicken in the fridge. Decided to boil some eggs and try to make a grilled chicken salad for dinner that resembled the one we get at a local restaurant.(lettuce, eggs, cucumbers, mozz cheese, bacon bits, ranch dressing). David kept going on and on about how good it was and I didn’t let on that it was a “second thought” meal. I let him think I put together a bistro type fancy salad. I’m untitled to lie like that. Every once in a while.

I’m trying to potty train Lil Bit. They “say” start potty training your child at 2, and you will have them trained in a year. Start potty training them at 3, and you will have them trained in days. That is not true. Just thought I’d tell you that.

I think I’m getting a cold. Throat feels scratchy. I need to write a blog post about my mom’s fight at the Children’s Museum as soon as I can figure out how to put it in words that will do the story justice.

Until next time –