Bridal Portraits

First of all – I apologize to my Facebook friends because I already have these photos on my page, and since my blog is networked into FB, you will see them again in my wall feed. I know!  I’m not trying to be all “In your face” and I hope you are not thinking, good grief Deb!- overkill…Overkill!!. SO please excuse the redundancy for those already seeing these photos. Speaking of FB, I have a new page for Wrinkled Mommy – it’s brand new – so come over and give me some FB love likes when you can. Did you know you can’t re-name a fan page on FB if you have over 100 likes? Crazy huh? I deleted my McCormick Madness fan page because I couldn’t change the name to wrinkled mommy. 204 “likes” down the drain. :( BIG bummer.

Anyway – I hope you enjoy these photos. Zoe Lam did an amazing job. I can”t wait to see the rest of the wedding pictures.