So, I got my first mean comment

It was barely light outside. There was still the chill in the air from the overnight temps. I poured myself a  hot cup of coffee, added a little sugar and my french vanilla creamer, then sat down at the computer to enjoy a few moments to myself before the kids woke up. I opened up my e-mail and took a sip of coffee having a lovely “me” moment, when BAM! I’m hit in the face with an e-mail from someone named anonymous. It was my first mean blog comment.

It took me a moment to digest it. Wow, what a mood kill, anonymous. Oh and anonymous, there is this little thing called “humor”. Have you heard about it? A lot of us mom bloggers use it daily in our blog posts. Just so you’ll know.

On another note – remember my blog post about us digging a ditch to run water and power to the Alpaca shed? Well, the whole project was a disaster. The ditch digger David rented broke down. We had to wait several hours while the rental place brought us another one. Several precious hours of good weather and daylight. We couldn’t get it finished before it got dark and then over night the rains came. And I mean, they really came with a vengeance.

Now we have this gorgeous man made stream running about 300 feet through our back yard. And the weekend is over – David is back at work and it will have to stay this way until next weekend when we can begin again. We will have to rent the digger again and do it all over because the ditch filled back in with some dirt and there is about a foot of water still puddled inside the ditch.

Alpacas are like children that never give you any trouble. They never challenge fences. You can put up one strand of rope and they treat it like it is solid wall, never trying to get through it. So to keep them away from the ditch we made a make shift fence out of twine until we can get started again to complete this project.

I would tell you about how the kids argued all the way to school this morning over who’s window had the most condensation on it, but I’m afraid someone might take me seriously and tell me to not over react.

Have a lovely day everyone (except anonymous).

P.S. To anonymous – Pack yourself an emergency Bad Mood Kit and get off your behind and grab your share of sunshine. (this is meant to be funny – just so you’ll know)