Sometimes a nurse should not be a nurse

I am suffering from a sinus infection. I’ve never had one before. I never want another one again. A headache started last Tuesday and grew in intensity over the next four days. I had a cold and just assumed this was something that was part of the bug I had. My headache was constant. Unrelenting. And with the cold I also had a bad cough. Each time I coughed, I had to brace myself and would hold my head to try and soften the blow that came from the shooting POW pain that shot through it. By the fourth day the skin on my face was sore. My eyes ached. I was exhausted. So Sunday I went to the ER. Not because I was in that bad of shape – I mean, I drove myself there. But there was no medical place that was open on Sunday, except the hospital.

I looked terrible. No makeup, hair not fixed. I didn’t care. Three out of the four nurses I dealt with were super nice. The one that wasn’t nice needed to choose another profession.

The first one checked me in, asked a lot of questions, spoke softly, and when leaving – told me she hoped I felt better soon.

The second one took my vitals, asked more questions, and when leaving dimmed the lights in the room so it would be easier on my head.

The third one that did the head scan, also dimmed the lights, and placed a warm blanket on me when she saw me shivering.

The forth one that entered my information in the computer system never looked at my face. She asked questions while keeping her face glued to her computer screen. Her questions shot out like we were playing “Blurt” and I had a timed amount to get all the answers in. One of the questions was, Are you taking any medication? I take Welbutrin. I told her that. She asked me what milligram it was. I didn’t know. “You don’t know?” she said. She tossed her hands up in the air saying “Well I have to put in a milligram – I need to know what dosage it is!” I was holding my temples with my eyes closed and just whispered “I don’t know, I’m sure it is a small milligram though, just enough to ease PMS symptoms.” She sighed. Loudly. I wanted to cry. I said “look, if you have to know I can call my husband and get him to go look in my drawer and tell me what it is.”  ”No no no, I’ll just put in something! But you really need to make sure you know these things for the next time you may have to come back in!”

She should be really thankful I had a headache.

Because I was ready to open up a can of OHNOYOUDIDN’T on her.

Anyhoo – I have my Vicodin happy pills, and an antibiotic and this morning is the first morning in 6 days where I can cough and it doesn’t feel like someone is stabbing a knife in my head. I haven’t taken any pain meds this morning and so far, other than a very small ache – my head feels better.  I am so ready for all this crap to move out of our house. We have a wedding this Saturday, dadblastit! Enough already!

So now I am going to go tackle this mile long to-do list to try and get ready for this Saturday. I hope your homes are virus free.

And I hope that nurse woke up this morning with a headache.