Weekly Letter to my kids

Dear Luke – When you fell outside today I tried to tell you what was on your knee was just dirt, not blood. You didn’t believe me and cried. A lot. And then miraculously the water we used to clean it totally healed you! The boo boo was all washed way! Amazing!

Dear Wade – So you lost another tooth huh? The tooth fairy wants me to tell you times have been hard this year and her projected net income is below what was forecasted. So in other words, no you are NOT going to get paper money. Stop asking.

Dear Zoe – It’s funny how you never want Liv to be in your room unless it is time to clean it up.

Dear Liv – Quit telling your daddy he is fat. That is not nice.

Dear Trey – I’m so proud of you for getting a jump on your taxes and getting them done today.

Dear Audrey – Miss you, love you. Spain is still too far away.