Weekly letters to my family

Dear Luke – Thanks for trading shirts with Wade after he liked your new one better than his own. You are a sweet boy. But you did lose some points today when you threw a rock at Olivia’s head. Not cool. And we are clear on why you should never do that no matter if someone does it to you, right?

Dear Wade – Calm down. Please. And no you cannot have anymore candy.

Dear Zoe – I’m so sorry you missed out on the camp out with daddy last night and decided to just go sleep in your own bed. I know he snores. I feel your pain.

Dear Liv – When we are getting ready to go somewhere and I tell you to go use the bathroom, and then you say “I alweady use da bafroom”. That is a lie. We both know it.

Dear Trey – Yo

Dear Audrey – I am really offended that you do not want my 1980 ‘Make mine country’ shelf to put in your kitchen. I even have the little bear with the lacy Williamsburg blue straw hat you could prop up on it. I have been saving this in your hope chest for years. I just do not understand.

Dear Hubunk – There are certain things you should weigh the pros and cons of, before deciding if that person really needs to hear it. (i.e. there is a snake in the attic and I couldn’t tell what kind it is because it slithered off behind a bunch of stuff.) I haven’t slept good in a week. Thanks.