Behind Closed Doors

If you are a busy mom, you already know the bathroom is a means to an escape. If only for just a minute or two. Or in my case when HUbunk is home, a time for him to take over and me to lock myself away and let him think I have “issues” when instead I’m sitting there with my eyes closed and head propped up by my fists. It’s the only place I can go and be left alone. Well, left alone physically…but not audibly.

And if you are a busy mom you know as soon as the bathroom door closes, it opens up a long conversation opportunity for your kids on the other side of the closed door. They have radar. They sense an opportunity to drive you a little more crazy than you already are. And they are there in a fat split second. You are now a Verbal Magnet.


Hence the conversation between me and my three year old this morning:

Liv: Mom?….mom?….MOM!

Me: What?

Liv: mom?


Liv:  I blah blah blah…and then blah blah…in my room blah blah pink horse…blah blah blah cookie?

Me: Oh Liv~ I can’t understand you! I am in the bathroom, and I will be out in a minute!”

Liv: FINE! I’m not going to play with you!


[About 30 seconds go by]

Liv: Mom?

Me: What?

Liv: Why you have these pennies?

Me: Um….I…just do.

[About 30 more seconds go by]

Liv: Mom?


Liv: I put all your pennies in the trash.

Verbal Magnet. That’s me. Are you one too?