Weekly Letters To My Family

Dear Luke – After I kiss you good night and leave your room, please stop flipping around with your head at the foot of your bed and your feet at your pillow. You are getting bigger and it is much harder to switch you back, when you are sleeping, in order to cover you back up with your covers.

Dear Wade – When I sneak you an extra cookie, when no one is looking, just because I know you have this enormous sweet tooth… please don’t immediately run and yell out to the others “MOM JUST GAVE ME ANOTHER COOKIE!!!”.

Dear Zoe – Thanks for being such a good big sister and for being so proud of her you announce to everyone you see “That’s my baby sister!”.


Dear Liv – I’m sorry I have to lock the pantry door. But since you are still stealing cookies I have no other choice. Forgive me?


Dear Trey – I’m so sorry I did not have instructions written down in my notebook that was inside the birth kit. Thanks for covering for me as I raced home to get there before the Alpaca was born. And I’m sorry you have such a weak stomach you lost your appetite for Mexican food that night.

Dear Audrey – Teaching English to 1 and 2 year old little Spanish kids is not for the faint of heart. Don’t let them get you down and never let them see you sweat. And trust me when I say, “It’s nothing you are doing wrong when they just will not sit still.”

Dear David – I love you!



Dear Pete – Your dog lot is almost ready for you to move in. Please stop being mad at me.



Have a great weekend, my friends.
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