My Top 5 picks for Finding The Funny

Happy Wednesday all! Howsit been goin’? (To you Northerners, that means “have you been having a good week, my dear?”) You have? Well lawsy me! (That means I am certainly amazed.)

So, moving on…

I had the privilege to vote on my 5 favorite Finding The Funny posts from last week over on Kelleys Break Room and My Life And Kids. (Two hilarious bloggers, by the way.) You should go visit if you’ve never been over there.

Let me start out by saying there were 66 entries last week. And I read every single one from start to finish. I take my job seriously folks! (Hire me? Someone?? Anyone???) I laughed so much y’all. (That means you all). It was hard to pick just five favorites, because you guys are crazy funny, but I finally did. Here they are in no particular order. That means…oh never mind!

1) The Spin Cycle (Martha Stewert Inspired Lego Ice Cream Cake). I sat and starting laughing at this post and the farther I got through it the harder I was laughing. I felt like I could not take it anymore. It was hilarious!

2) I know it sounds like  lie – Mommas Time Out. (This would totally be something that would happen to me.)

3) The Jokes on us – Hollow Tree Ventures (I go through this with my kids all the time so couldn’t help but find it funny. And the last line is classic! haha)

4) Something Something – Secret Mommy-hood confession (This was hilarious and made me so glad I live in the country!)

5)That Nolan Chick – Rock Paper Scissors. (Oh my, I felt so sorry for this parent and laughed so hard at the same time. Luckily my kids have never gotten into what this child got into.)

Have a great week everyone! And Thanks Kelly and Anna for asking me to be the “Picker” today.