Weekly Letters To My Family – and weekly re-cap

Dear Luke – Remember me telling you a few weeks ago not to sit on your skate board and ride it down the steep driveway? Remember that? You looked at me as if I had no idea what I was talking about. Well, your butt would like you to know that I knew exactly what I was talking about.

Dear Wade – You are such a funny, funny kid.

Dear Zoe – Your birthday is not until next month. I cannot tell you what I bought for you. I cannot tell you what Mimi bought for you. I cannot tell you what Grandma bought for you. I cannot tell you if it is or is not a LaLa Loopsy. I just. can’t. tell. you.

Dear Liv – I love that you like girlie clothes just like your big sister. But I would like to ask you to stop wearing her clothes. Because we all know that causes war. And war is never good.

Dear Trey – You have been quiet lately. I need more funny customer stories. Oh and what kind of iPhone do you have?

Dear Audrey –  Tell Jonathan to let you call me once in a while.

Dear David – I really want you, Pete, and Max to make up. Yes they tore up the brand new fence you made for them, but I’m sure they didn’t mean to. And the next time you start talking about a bullet – please mouth it to me. They are sensitive and are getting their feelings hurt.

Monday – 10 Summertime memories

Wednesday – My top 5 picks from Finding The Funny

Thursday – How YOU can look like a celebrity

In between the things above, I went to the grocery store twice, Target once, Walmart once, bathed all four kids twice, cooked dinner 3 times, cleaned up the kid’s bedrooms and washed 6 sets of bed sheets. Fed the Alpacas and dogs every night, did 7 loads of laundry, and worked my part time job 11 hours. Pat me on the back. Really! PAT.ME.ON.THE.BACK!! You should try this. List all the the things you did this week and you will look like a super woman. Then hand the list to your Mister and yell, SEE!?!! SEE!?!!!!

The Spin Cycle – Martha Stewart Inspired Lego Ice Cream Cake.

Have a great weekend – I am un-plugging myself from all things online. See you around Monday.