Food Lion review and $50.00 giveaway

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Let me start out by saying I really do not like grocery shopping. I never have. It’s one of those things that I know I need to do, but I dread doing it. I usually always go to Food Lion, which is close to my house. I have shopped there for years.

Well, recently, Food Lion has gone through some major store changes. Not that it was really needed in my opinion. At least that is what I used to think before I saw the new look. The first thing I noticed was the “cottage market” look of the produce section.

Very warm and inviting, with wood crates, baskets, and the produce presented in a pleasing way.

The overall “look” of the store made me feel relaxed and caused me to slow my pace down a bit and look at things I used to speed past.

The isles are wider. Yay, Food Lion! I believe grocery stores should always have a “passing Lane”, but unfortunately a lot of them do not, which makes shopping stressful. Food Lion came through with widening the store isles, making shopping much easier AND faster.

Very classy new flooring in rich colors adds to the warmth of the overall makeover.

I also noticed lots of black…

with glass doors and flattering lighting to showcase the products better.

The bakery was very nice as well.

Showcasing fresh breads in baskets and pretty displays of yummy cheeses.

My overall opinion of the store is positive. It is fresh, open and airy, very clean, with a new rich color scheme that adds warmth.  The employees at this store have always been nice to me, even before all the changes. They are always polite and helpful with a smile.

Food Lion offers My Essentials products as well. I usually always buy store brands when I can find them because it saves me a lot of money. There are over 600 My Essentials products available and I can confirm that the quality matches that of brand name labels. Just as one example, My Essentials 1/2 gallon buttermilk is .60 cents cheaper than a well known brand. If you are buying most all My Essentials products instead of some of the other brand name products, these savings really add up. It’s like having coupons without actually…having coupons.

In fact, tonight at dinner I made Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken. All the ingredients used for this recipe were from the My Essentials line.

Absolutely delicious! My husband even sat at the dinner table and gave me the thumbs up stamp of approval. Seconds anyone? Yes please!

A big thank you to the store manager and district manager for being so nice to me while I was there!

So if you have a Food Lion in your area, go.

Just GO now. You’ll be happy you did. For more information about Food Lion, visit their website here.

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