Two Things I have learned Over The Last Few Weeks


I will try to never buy another fabric lunchbox for my child. Cute? Yes. Durable? Heck NO!

We are four weeks into the school year and we have one lunch box that is already dead. It was Zoe’s. May in rest in peace.

The boys each have the metal one that is just a…box with a handle. The kind we had as kids. Remember those? Their lunch boxes were half the price of the cute padded fabric one I got for Zoe.

I was going to post a real photo of it but honestly it is too gross and I try not to post gross pictures. You are SO welcome! So I drew up a visual because words just aren’t going to explain things right.

Not only do we have this:

But we also have this:

I have concluded that Zo’s lunch box is carrying remnants of 14 other classmate’s food juice from over the last 4 weeks. PLUS the broken zipper.

The boy’s lunchboxes are still clean and sparkly because I can run them under hot water and BAM! All shiny and germ free again.


My husband has issues with telling his co-worker “NO” when he brings him watermelons from his garden.

Because really, seriously? This isn’t even worth the dirty knife and mess it would cause. And I have a collection of THREE of these.

He brought home one everyday, three days in a row. We tried eating the first one because we didn’t want to appear ungrateful. However, It was very bitter. And yet, he keeps bringing them home…

This is like….a pea on steroids.

I should do a giveaway for this! I could mail it to the winner. Sounds hilarious to do, but I doubt anyone would actually try to win it.

So what life changing things have you learned over the last few weeks?