Why sometimes it doesn’t pay to try and be sneaky

There’s a time in every mother’s life when her needs must be met. She has bathed kids, poured juice, bandaged boo-boos, picked up toys for the 100th time that day, broken up 23 arguments SO FAR, and has heard MAMA 458 times and it’s only 1:30 PM.

She waits and watches her offspring, looking for the perfect moment to make her move. She scopes them out, listening intently for their location realizing it is now or never.

She must move quick because they are smart and have audio sensory that is almost unhuman.

She makes it! Relieved, she sneaks to her safe place. The place she calls her own.

The laundry room.

She relaxes beside the dryer basking in her cleverness as a smile spreads across her face and she takes one delicious bite of her prize.

Everything is perfect, she gloats.

Until is isn’t.

NO! She inwardly screams. NOOOOOO!

But it is too late. The group is summoned. And they are evil. Expecting what is rightfully theirs.

Her special moment turned into eight chocolate chips cookies, 87 small crumbs to sweep up,  four dirty mouths to wipe, eight hands to wash,  four cups of juice…make that three and a half cups of juice with the other half waiting to be mopped up from the floor.

And then she thinks:

All this for just trying to eat a store bought cookie? It should at least have been something like a chocolate truffle! Then defeat would have been easier to accept.