Feel Good Movie – Footloose

Last night after everyone was asleep, I started browsing Netflix for something to watch. I was is in the mood for a “feel good” with some fun music and toe tappin’ dance moves so I could recline on the couch with my lap top in my lap and head phones on my ears and really get my wiggle on with my toes.

I found it. Footloose – 2011 re-make.

When a movie reaches the success to make it that good for a re-make years later, the new one has some mighty big shoes to fill, y’all. Kind of a gamble, if you ask me. I loved Footloose back in 1984. And Kevin Bacon? Oh meee gosh. Kenny Wormald plays Ren MacCormick in the re-make, along with Miles Teller who plays Willard Hewitt. I have to say I loved Miles Teller. He was brilliant playing that part. Julianne Hough plays Ariel and in my opinion she is so much better than the original Ariel.  And Kenny Wormald? I will again say, Oh meee gosh. He makes me wish I was a teenager again and he was my boy friend. Just like Kevin Bacon did back in 1984.

It doesn’t matter how old we get, we are all still 18 year old girls in our heads, right? Same brain, different body. Sit back and enjoy this montage of both the 1984 and 2011 Footloose dance scenes intertwined with each other.

Do it alone or do it with headphones on, but either way, turn your volume up and wiggle those toes! It will complete your Monday.

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