Save The Bunny People! Save The Bunny!

What are your rules for Easter Baskets? Do you fill it with sugar treats? Through the years, I will admit that I have. This year I asked myself,  “Self, do your kids really need a basket filled with 5 lbs of chocolate?” To which I replied to myself,  “Self, are you turning into one of those moms?”  Then we started fighting and it turned ugly.  Then we compromised and decided to do 25% candy/75% fun stuff.

THEN I realized there is a whole nother movement called Save The Bunny. It’s emotional, really. Grab your tissues and watch.

Mattel’s “Save the Chocolate Bunny” campaign is promoting “toys instead of chocolate” to encourage creative, healthy, sugar-free play for kids! Here is a link to Mattel’s Save the Bunny website: Save The Bunny,
where you’ll find more giveaways and coupons!

And here is an exciting giveaway for you. Mattel’s “Save the Bunny” campaign, including one grand prize Easter gift basket full of toys, plus 10 second prizes consisting of either Hot Wheels multi-packs or Barbie Madison. This is pretty much really exciting.

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