How to feed broccoli to a kid

Present platter of broccoli with a big smile and excitedly announce to your family that “dinner tonight is going to be AWESOME!”

Interrupt the beginning complaints and stink eyes directed at said platter of broccoli with “You know there are kids who do not even have anything to eat!”

illustration of kid eating broccoli

When they ask for more chicken or mashed potatoes, stick to your guns with your request that your kids must take at least one bite of the broccoli before they can have seconds of something else, OR leave the table.

Assure them that it is going to be hard changing into PJ’s while on the kitchen chair. And it will be equally as hard getting a good night’s sleep.

kid eating broccoli

Try to convince them that broccoli is just a glorified green bean.

And then be stern when they show signs of spitting it back out. Let them know the broccoli WILL go down and NOT out so they may as well get it over with.

eating broccoli

Don’t let their stubborn disposition get you down. You are twice as big and twice as smart as they are. Plus you have much more patience and are less likely to have a meltdown. Use that to your advantage.

kid eating broccoliThey may give you the stink eye but stay strong. You CAN do this.

kid eating broccoliStart worrying about child abuse and brain damage because of lack of oxygen. Then start feeling sorry for them because they are now starting to cry. Tell your kid to spit it out in their napkin and “Would you like more potatoes sweetie?”

Use this as one of those times you let yourself Pick Battles and then just let it go.

It is so much easier that way.