Giving your kids chores does not mean you can hide and eat cake.

When kids get to be around the age of 6 or 7, you now have helpers to make your life a tad bit easier. You can pass off some chores to them and smile knowing you have made it through the baby years when they were totally useless  squishy cute blobs of greatness.

And you can tell them to do things for you. “Go get my glasses for me please.” “Can you go find me a pen please?” “Go help your little sister find a pair of shorts that matches her top.”

I do want to encourage you to enjoy this new found  independence you are now experiencing, but also tell you, to not get overly confident in your offspring’s ability to lighten your load.

Because if you do, you may also go through something like this:


“What??!?” I mumble-yell through a mouth full of banana pudding I just shoveled in my mouth now that I was alone in the house and the kids were outside feeding the animals for me.

“Daddy needs you to clean my feet”

What is that?!? And why is it all between your toes? And, Oh my gosh did you just walk across my rug bare footed?!?” WHERE IS YOUR FATHER!”

“It’s Alpaca poop.” My son says to me. “And what are you eating mama?”

“You were wearing knee high boots!” How did the poop get around your toes? I’ve told you to not sling the pitch fork when you scoop poop. You need to scoop, carry, and gently turn the pitch fork over so the poop beans fall on the poop pile!”

(Seriously, we have some awesome conversations)

“Scoop…carry…turn over. It’s easy!” I tell him.

“But I didn’t scoop poop tonight.”

(And these are the moments a parent stares at her child because no words rise to the surface of her brain.)

And then you spend the next 30 minutes giving three kids a shower because the other two also came in with poop mushed between their toes, even when wearing knee high boots and NOT shoveling poop.

So the moral of this blog post is:

1) Know your limitations when asking your kids to help you.

2) Don’t be too over-confident in your beliefs that when your kids ARE helping you, you will have time to eat something sweet.

3) Make sure to keep an open mind and not be too surprised when “helping you” turns into you “helping them”.

I hope I have helped.

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