Time goes by too fast is totally an understatement – Happy 7th Birthday to my triplets.

Today, my triplets turn 7 years old. I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee and laptop writing this while feeling a little sad?…scared?….worried? Because, if the last 7 years went by so fast, that means the next 7 years will too. And that means two things. They will be teenagers ( oh please help me Lord) and I will be old (er).

Time goes by too fast when you are too busy to just…stop. That must be the very reason I am sitting here feeling a little sad…scared…worried.

Anyway…I am so proud of my youngins’ They are a joy. They stress me out. They make me laugh. The love me. They are messy. They break things. But when I hug them, I hold tight, and breathe in as much of them as I can.

Happy birthday my precious ones.

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