Pajamas are technically just elastic-waist pants and t-shirts.

One of these kids is wearing pajamas and the other one is not. Can you tell?

Have you ever let your kid go to bed without changing into pajamas? I have, and I am not sorry.

If you haven’t, you probably shouldn’t continue reading because clearly you are way out of my league. You are probably someone who has success with everything you try from Pinterest, aren’t you? Do you change tooth brushes every three months, June Cleaver? I bet you do. Great, thanks a lot – now I am starting to feel emotional.  Why are you even here reading my blog anyway?

Now that June left, let me continue. Pajamas are over-rated anyway. Have you looked at pajamas? In the summer, they’re just shorts and a t-shirt. In the winter, they’re just long pants and a long sleeve t-shirt.

Just like every other piece of clothing in my kid’s play clothes drawer.

Clothes are clothes, people! When did we let those dictators into the fashion world who decided to make clothes that were only for sleeping! Sounds like over-achievers if you ask me!

I say we change the rules and give our cherubs the once over and a sniff test. If they pass, claim their outfit as PJ’s, send them to bed and call it day.

Who’s with me?



Is this thing on??

Disclaimer. I only feel this way when I’m tired. My kids do have cute PJ’s. And I do send my kids to bed after a bath and wearing said cute PJ’s. Most of the time. There are only a handful of times that I’ve sent the kids to bed wearing their play clothes. Did I mention that I only feel this way when I’m t i r – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.