DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE to open nationally in October

I am very passionate about Dyslexia. My son was recently diagnosed with Double Deficit Dyslexia. He is in second grade and reading at only the beginning first grade level. And do you know what? He is smart, creative, and has a high average IQ.

Dyslexia is a real thing. People do not understand it. Schools shy away from using the term Dyslexia. And so many children have Dyslexia ( 1 in 5) which varies from mild to severe. Decoding Dyslexia Organizations are popping up all over the nation ( 36 states so far) by parents who are frustrated with lack of concern and/or resources for these bright children. I have had the privilege of being part of organizing North Carolina’s own chapter, Decoding Dyslexia NC. Great things are happening!

Did I tell you I am passionate about this?

Well, October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month and I have some exiting news to share with you.

The event based distribution company, Area23a,  teams up with Captured Time Productions to launch a national release combining theatrical runs and unique event screenings of Dislecksia: The Movie.

DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE is an engaging documentary that weaves vintage classroom footage, celebrity interviews and the comedic touch of dyslexic director Harvey Hubbell V into an engrossingly entertaining film on a serious subject. The film includes a wide range of successful individuals with dyslexia including entertainment industry people such as Billy Bob Thornton, Joe Pantoliano, and Stephen J. Cannell; business moguls such as real estate guru Barbara Corcoran and celebrated neuroscientists and top educators within the dyslexia field.

The movie is opening in New York on October 4th and then Los Angeles on October 11th. Then on October 17th, there will be a national event with screenings in about 40 cities across the U.S, followed by a Q & A community discussion.

This film has the power to change lives!

For more information on Dislecksia: The Movie, and the cities close to you with viewings, go to their website for dates and locations.

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