Grandmama rules, didn’t you know that?

From “the Mimi”…

I had a lovely visit with my daughter the other day. We were talking about a lot of different things…

Then my precious granddaughter ran in the room all excited, holding money and a little wad of toilet paper. Apparently the “tooth fairy” remembered to put money under my angel’s pillow but forgot to get the tooth!!

Well, I had the perfect solution and offered my help in this sticky situation. The last thing I wanted is for my Precious to feel worried about what was wrong with her perfect pearly white tooth and why the tooth fairy didn’t want it.

My daughter seemed surprised but I thought it was the perfect solution.

I mean how hard can it be. You slide the money under the pillow and pull the tooth back out.

In. Out.

Plus, this is my granddaughter we are talking about, dang it.

I will win.

I’m so glad I could be there today and help with this crises. But I do plan on calling around 11 PM tonight just to make sure my daughter didn’t forget again.

In. Out. So simple.