I birthed an Alpaca

That was the sentence I said over and over yesterday, as I partially screamed/partially laughed, to anyone I could call. Or find in person. When I write or say those words today, I snicker in my head because it… just sounds weird. One word makes a huge difference. Helped 

My tenant, Grammar, runs and slams the door to her messy room way back in my brain in stressful situations. I can’t count on her for ANYTHING!

But yes, where was I?

Yesterday, I went out with my bucket of grain to feed the Alpacas and walked right into a birth in process. I tossed my pitch fork, not looking behind me, and I’m very pleased to say there were no Alpacas standing there when that happened. I ran over and HELPED my Alpaca give birth to a gorgeous bay-black little girl. I am in love. I’ll just stop the words here and let the photos close out this post.

Oh, and I named her Abby.