News from around the farm

5:57 AM on Friday morning. I actually woke up 15 minutes ago and was fine with that because the house is quiet. My mom once told me she didn’t really like to sleep because it was a waste of precious time. In my twenties I lived for the weekends so I could sleep late.  But now, in my *cough* – ties, I get what she is saying. I tend to stay up too late and then get up way before the little ones wake up. And I do this to have the quiet and alone time my mind and body craves.

Anyway, that is not what I was going to blog about this morning. It just came to mind and I started typing.

I wanted to just post a few photos I took yesterday around the farm. Abby Lynn is doing great, growing fast, and is a mess of cuteness.

Alpacas are very curious creatures.

Our barn is coming along well. We have a roof and the cement floor is finished!!

And this is a really good thing because we are running out of room with our current shed.

We started out with 6 Alpacas. Now we have 10. And hopefully 2 more babies coming this Fall. So, yeah…time for a bigger house.

I love cooler weather. I would be perfectly content in a climate where I had to wear a coat and hat every stinkin’ day. I am getting happy now that winter is on its way.

Pete is doing fine. He lost his best friend a few months ago and we have tried to fill his days with a lot of family time. His favorite time of the day is when he gets to walk with me to the barn and hang out while I feed the Alpacas.

This concludes my “family photo” dump and updates from around the farm.  Hope you enjoyed!

Have a lovely Friday.