Picky eaters have met their match with the help of The Wisest Kid In The Whole World

A long time ago (5 yrs) I could put green beans and carrots on my toddler’s plates and they would gobble it up. I had plans to start early with healthy foods so they would develop great eating habits through their growing years and beyond.



It didn’t happen. I have joined the group of parents with kids who scream at broccoli.

Well, good news! Picky eaters have finally met their match! With the help of The Wisest Kid in the Whole World™Campbell’s soup is offering delicious recipes your kids won’t be able to refuse. Find fun, quick meal ideas your kids will love at http://goo.gl/mT93RO.  You can see all of the soup varieties featuring kids’ favorite characters like Super Mario and Phineas & Ferb, as well as topping and sandwich ideas for Tomato soup.   {Chicken Noodle Soup and grilled Pepper Jack Cheese and Bacon sandwich}

Speaking of kids, we all love sharing things about our kids, don’t we?  We love to share their artwork, photos, and funny things they say. Now you have the chance to share something clever, sweet, touching, or funny that your kid has said. You can enter it here:

I recently entered something my 6 year old daughter said that still makes me smile whenever I remember it. She said, “I love you SO MUCH that I am going to follow you around ALL DAY LONG.”

It is very entertaining to read the wisdom of other kids, even if you don’t add anything yourself! So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and settle in for a few smiles this morning.

Campbells has been making meals fun and delicious for 144 years! In addition to quick healthy soup for our family, they also provide many different cooking soups and broths. I have many recipes I make for my family where I use Cream of Chicken and Cream of Mushroom soup. These are always on my pantry shelf. A family favorite of ours it my Chicken Pie, using Cream of Chicken soup. My kids gobble it up.

So go ahead and start planning for your cooler weather cooking with Campbells Soups. And don’t forget to browse their website for idea inspiration! We all could use some help with decisions once in a while, right?