Elf lover or hater

It’s hard to believe it is time to have Elf overload again. In a few short weeks everyone will be sick of reading about ELF ON A SHELF!! Is it just me, or does this seem to grow each year? I mean…when it all started years ago, all you had to do was move him from one spot to another. Not any more. It is complicated.

And you will be classified as either 1) a mom who has too much time on her hands; 2) a mom who really should try harder; or 3) a mom who starts off with a bang but ends with a puff.

I think I am in group 3. By the end of Christmas, I am totally forgetting to move Moopa. In fact, last year he hung around in the same spot until April. I told the kids he just Didn’t. Want. To. Leave.

If you are in the group of 2 or 3, DO NOT EVER SEARCH ELF ON A SHELF on Pinterest.  You will feel defeated. Then you will start questioning yourself. “Why can’t I remember to move Elf after the kids go to bed?”

He weighs…like… 6 ounces.


You could blow on him and shift him over a foot and not even need to touch him. “So why is it so hard to work this in my busy schedule?” you’ll ask yourself. You could even thump him while passing by on your way to the kitchen. He would fall over and then you could tell your kids, “Awwww look! Your Elf is sleeping!”

Or dead.

But dead may be sort of hard for kids to deal with, so don’t do that.

I know it will be tempting after three weeks of Elf moving and yet another week to go, but think of your kids! And the Christmas spirit!

I’m not a fun Elf mom. If Moopa could talk, our conversation would go something like this:

Moopa: But whyyyyyy? Just let me unroll one roll of TP, please? please? Oh pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease???

Me: No

Moopa: How about letting me drink chocolate milk and spill it on the counter?

Me: No

Moopa: What about…

Me: No.

Moopa: But –

Me: NO

Moopa: You’re-no-fun-you-have-ruined-my-life-I-hate-you!! sniff. Can I borrow your phone? I’m going to ask Santa for another family. One that is…not like YOU!


So being the #3 mom that I am, I will start this whole Elf game with a bang. I plan on copying this idea, for sure.

Love it. ( click on the image for original source.)

So let the Elf games begin. Or not.


Great! I have no dry erase markers!