DIY Monster Bookmark

I had so much fun making these cuties today! And one of the best things about these bookmarks is how fast they can be put together.

Reading should always be fun, and these little monsters will keep track of the page for your little ones.

I’m thinking these would be great for classroom Valentine gifts…or Birthday party favors!

Continue on and expand this page to see the easy tutorial. If you like it, Pin it for later.

All you need for these monster bookmarks is yarn, felt, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, and a glue gun. You start the project by wrapping yarn around three fingers about 100 times.

Insert two pipe cleaners through middle opening.

Bend both ends to meet and give them a couple twists.

Remove from fingers and use scissors to cut loop apart.

You will now have something that looks like this.

Bend two pipe cleanesr up on each side. These will be the tentacles? horns? Or whatever they are, above the monster’s head.

Twist these together a couple times.

Next, use scissors to shape up your monster’s body. You don’t have to do this. It’s your monster so if you want his body hair to be uneven, go for it. No one will judge you.

Now comes the fun part; giving your monster a personality. Use wiggly eyes wherever you want wiggly eyes. I used a glue gun because I like instant gratification. However, you could use another type of craft glue but you will need to let it sit until dry.

Before you glue eyes on the tentacles, roll the ends up a bit to give a base for the glue and a good support surface for the eyes.

awwww, hello little fella!

Now it is time to make the felt strip. You will need two strips. The strips should be about 1 1/2 inches wide and about 10 inches long. This is not that crucial – just eyeball it.

Use your glue gun and lay down a surface of glue. Press the two bottom pipe cleaners into the glue. Watch those fingers! Glue gun glue is hot. I have a red finger to prove it.

Take your second felt strip and lay it on top, pressing it down to seal. For the bottom half put a strip of glue down each side of the felt and then press it together.

Cut points at the bottom edge.

And embellish, if desired, with whatever you have. I had a few leftover foam hearts and flowers and stuck them on the felt. The options are many people. The options are many.

So. much. fun.

I love monsters. The pretend kind – not the real ones.