30 things you can do with lemons

I have never been a tree hugger. Or what some would consider “green”. I have lived my life buying random cleaners because of the brand name. The bigger the brand the better the cleaner, was always my motto. But…lately, I have really started paying attention to the things I surround myself with. I have started worrying about chemicals. It’s like…I don’t even know myself anymore.

With that said, let’s talk about LEMONS. Now that spring is here, many of us are feeling the urge to do some spring cleaning, dang it! OPEN UP THOSE WINDOWS…right?

This spring, I want to try cleaning with things mother nature gives this beautiful world of ours. Lemons are really a miracle fruit. And I’m going to share with you 30 things you can do with lemons from cleaning to personal care to healthcare.

Let’s start with cleaning.

1) Laundry – pour 1 cup lemon juice in wash to remove tough stains and whiten whites.

2) Glass cleaner – use straight on glass for tough cleaning or dilute in a spray bottle for everyday cleaning.  It removes hard water stains and debris.

3) Fridge odor- soak a cotton ball with lemon juice and leave it in for a few hours.

4) Home deodorizer – Cut lemons in half, place cut side up on dish in various rooms of your house.

5) Bathroom/kitchen faucets – lemons and salt will shine them up and remove stubborn stains.

6) Grout – Use lemon juice and a toothbrush to lift up stains.

7) Windows and mirrors – put a few tablespoons of lemon juice in a spray bottle filled with water. Spray and buff dry with a paper towel. Works just as well as vinegar and it smells better!

8) Shower doors –  rub 1/2 of a lemon on doors to remove hard water build up.

9) Garbage disposal – cut up a lemon in small chunks and drop it in your garbage disposal. Pour in 1/2 cup salt, and 1 cup ice. Turn on faucet and turn on garbage disposal. The lemons will remove odor and sanitize it. The ice and salt will knock away that yucky build up in the cracks and crevices.

Personal Care / Health

10) Drink lemon water to reduce phlegm.

11) Skin care – Drink lemon water. It is an antioxidant and reduces the production of free radicals which cause aging skin and skin damage.

12) Sore throats – Gargle lemon water to treat throat infections. It has an antibacterial property.

13) Tooth aches / bleeding gums – Lemon juice stops bleeding gums and reduces tooth aches.

14) Lighten those aggravating age spots!  Rub straight juice on age spots and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing.

15) Hair highlighter -Mix ¼ c juice to ¾ c water. Apply to hair and sit in sun until hair is dry. Repeat daily until desired shade is achieved.

16) Whiten fingernails – Juice of ½ lemon in 1 c  warm water. Soak nails to clean and whitened them.

17) Breath freshener – Swish mouth with straight lemon juice. The acid acts as a PH neutralizer eliminating bad breath. Rinse thoroughly to protect tooth enamel.

18) Treat dandruff – rub lemon juice into scalp – rinse out with water.

19) Stomach health: Digestive problems are the most common ailments, but warm water and lemon juice is the solution to most problems. Lemon juice helps to purify the blood, reduces your chances of indigestion, constipation, eliminates toxins from the body and aids digestion.

20) Poison Ivy relief- Use straight lemon juice on rash to reduce itching and to prevent spreading.

21) Wart treatment – Apply with q-tip to warts. Do daily until the acid in the lemon has broken down the wart.

22) Headaches – Lemon juice with a few teaspoons hot tea will ease a headache.

23) Underarm deodorant – lemon juice rubbed on underarms kills the bacteria that causes the odor.

 Cooking and Food prep

24) Refresh cutting boards. Rub cut lemon all over and rinse in cool water.

25) Squeeze about a tsp of lemon juice on cauliflower to keep  it’s white color while cooking.

26) Squeeze a tsp of lemon juice into a small spray bottle. Spray fruits and veggies before eating to remove germs and any insects hiding in the skins and folds.

27) Squeeze lemon juice on top of guacamole to keep it from turning brown. Also on apple slices.

28) Crisp up your limpy lettuce. Place juice from half a lemon in bowl of cool water. Submerge lettuce, and refrigerate an hour. Remove and dry leaves.

29) Did you just make a berry pie and your fingers are all red? Rub lemon juice on them to remove those stains.


30) Insecticide – squeeze lemon juice in door ways and cracks/crevices. Ants and roaches hate the smell. Also place slices of lemons around outside of entry areas.

See? Clean. Fresh, Amazing. AND natural.

Have anything to add? leave me a comment with some other ways lemons can be used.

One x, one O….wait…make that two O’s,