How to put triplets to bed in 3 easy steps.

Occasionally there are articles featured on websites explaining the 100 steps to getting your child to bed…to brush teeth…to get dressed…name the task, you can probably find one somewhere. These lists are always hilarious and I feel somewhat exhausted just reading them. But, with triplets, I learned quick to be more of a “No, not again…love you – night night precious!” kind of person.

So I came up with my own tried and true list.

How to put triplet toddlers to bed in three easy steps.

1) Put them in bed.

2) Tell them goodnight, and one two letter word = “no.”

3)  Sit in the living room with your beverage of choice, watching them on the video monitor, to make sure they don’t kill each other.

Worked every time.

And guess what? They eventually fell asleep! Who would have thought??