Kudos to Li’l Woodzeez

This is not a paid review. This is a review because I LOVE this product.

Today my mother and I ran some errands and we stumbled upon Li’L Woodzeez in Target. We couldn’t resist buying a large assortment for birthday presents for my two daughters. I am very excited over this product and want to say THANK YOU to this manufacturer for offering a high quality toy for a fraction of what the other toy (Calico Critters) costs, which I never purchased due to that fact. (Honestly, seeing the prices of Calico Critters always made my blood boil.)

So I am giving a huge high five to Li’l Woodzeez for creating this high quality, sturdy built, amazing attention to detail, and endearing folksy play set. (applause applause applause)

If you are looking for a great toy set for an even greater price, this is it folks. Visit their web page for more photos and information.