How one school tells kids to just take the bullying and never tell or defend themselves.

One school in NE kindly told students the correct way to handle bullying. The main idea was to take the abuse and never be a tattletale.

First of all – what the crap?! Second of all, what THE CRAP!? I am seriously concerned over our nation and the groups of idiots that occasionally come to the surface and embarrass us all.

While in my millionth hour or researching Common Core (by the way parents, read about this – you do not want your kids subjected to it – trust me!) I came across this little gem. The school retracted it after parent’s outrage but not before it went viral.

Read the full article source here.

I guess it going viral is a band aid on the parents anger wound because at least it offers a tiny bit of satisfaction that the silly school administration that decided to publish this and send it home with students, are now feeling a teeny bit embarrassed.