Dear Diary: When I was 35 I wanted a condo in the city – now I live on a farm

And I really never saw that one coming. It’s funny how life takes you on a detour sometimes and you end up in a place you never planned on being, or a place you hadn’t ever considered before.

And what really surprises me, is that I don’t mind scooping poop every morning. I know, weird, right?

We are going into year three of our Alpaca farm, and now we have chickens.

And a big ole chicken coop.

I’m hoping for a lot of good organic eggs later this year…or whenever baby chicks grow up enough to lay eggs. I live on a farm but still don’t know much. Thank goodness for google.

But yes, life takes many turns as we journey through it. Some paths we plan, and many we just hang on for the ride not really knowing where we will end.