Dear young woman with road rage who bullied my mother in law

To the young woman who bullied my 83 year old mother in law on the road.

I would like to encourage you to learn compassion. I don’t know who you are or what your life’s circumstances are that caused you to be so irrational and angry while driving behind my mother in law last week.  And the ironic thing is, you don’t know her life’s circumstances either. Even though she drives the speed limit, not 5 miles over, nor five miles under, you somehow decided she was not driving to your expectations and you proceeded to bully her on the road.

Did you know her husband passed away just last year after a long painful year of cancer? And that even in her own weakened state she stayed by his side and took care of him as if he were a child? Did you know in his last week of life she sat and slept in the chair by his bed, never leaving his side? Did you know on that evening you bullied her, she was driving to a local diner to pick up food so she could bring it back home and sit at her dining room table, alone, in an empty house with just smiling photos to keep her company?

Did you know after she finishes her dinner, she will clear the table, tidy up her kitchen and then spend the evening watching television with no one to talk to? Did you know she is still hurting? And sad? And that she is dealing with learning how to live a different life than what she had for the last 60 years of marriage? Did you know she is one of the nicest, most compassionate people I have ever met?

As you tailgated her for a mile, almost hitting her several times, and then angrily passed her while holding down the horn of your car and trying to swerve close enough to scare her even more,  I would like to know why you felt the need to treat another human being that way?

I would like you to consider that life is precious. You are not bullying a ton of metal on that road. You are bullying a human being. Please take a deep breath and see what is around you. See life. And people. And try to realize that the person in front of you is someone’s mom, sister, daughter, or loving friend.

And in closing, if you ever do this again to my sweet mother in law, or any other elderly person, I will hunt you down.  Of course I mean that in the most sincere way.