I Have A Dream

I have a dreamI have a dream…of fair education for all students in our nation.

An education plan for all students in which their strengths are found and nurtured.

Our children consist of a big hodgepodge of talent. Some are gifted in music. Some in math. Some in reading. Some have a very high IQ. Some are average. Some are low. Some are funny. Some are shy. Some are little firecrackers, keeping their parents on their toes. Some are laid back lending a more serene atmosphere, which the latter causes a serious sink eye directed at those parents when they are not looking.

These are our children.

I dream of an education plan to embrace each unique mind of all kids and one that realizes a kid follows the beat of their own drum and should never be molded to fit one standard.

I dream of an education system that is formed on common sense and a government that stops making it so complicated.

I dream of an education system where our kids get back to the basics of reading and math and learn through enjoyment instead of tedious, mind numbing steps that their minds are not mature enough to stay focused on.

I dream of a system where our teachers are never, never, never, ever, evaluated based on a government mandated standardized test score.

I dream of a system that realizes one end of grade test has never, nor will ever give an accurate assessment of how our kids are really doing in school.

I dream of an education system that realizes failing a 3rd grader for not passing a standardized test is a horrible thing to do.

I dream of a system that knows if we lighten up on our kids and just let them learn, without tagging on all the testing baggage, that great things will happen.

I dream of an education system that, instead of developing a list of penalties for our teachers, schools, and students, will reach out a hand to a struggling school and ask; what can we do to help you?

Our students are learning to hate to learn. Our education system is trying to rise to the status of being among the top in the world. But yet, what they are doing is not working. And yet, they just won’t back down. Winning is more important to them than the well being of our children.

I will continue to dream and be an advocate for our children. Nothing will change if we, as parents, don’t make it happen. We DO have a voice and the louder we are, the more we are heard.