So apparently we are raising kids who don’t know how to meet people

I don’t know whether to feel so sorry for our world today or applaud this new product…or maybe both. Yes, I guess both.  But seriously, really? Kids have turned into such an anti social population that they don’t know how to just throw their hand up, give a friendly nod and say “hello, I’m Emma.”

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because if you look around at people, most have their heads down scrolling through their cell phone. Isn’t this crazy? Or am I over reacting and resembling a mean old lady named Mad Mabel? (It’s hard to pick an “older generation” name to use in that sentence because now older names are the new “newer” names. Mabel is probably now in the ‘top 50′ on the ‘What to name your baby’ sites. Life is so confusing!)

But…we’ve lost something through the years. We’ve lost socialization, manners, and the act of being an engaging human being.

So, I guess Coke has opened the door and other manufacturers will rush in to create their own products to join this cause. Oh the possibilities of puzzle opening products!

Little Debbie snack cakes…Pringles…Cheese sticks….pudding cups….

It will be interesting to see how we end up holding the little hands of college freshmen to help them learn how to talk to other people.