The Colonoscopy Diaries – Part 2

All I can say is find a doctor who uses Gatorade or pills for prep.

Y’all, I’m telling you…the prep the day before a colonoscopy is horrible. When I picked up my gallon container of colon prep, I had no idea what was in store for me. I mixed it “to the fill line” with lukewarm water as instructed and poured my first 8 ounces in a glass. Things went downhill fast from that point.

I did not realize the prep would taste like salt water. Warm salt water, at that. I did fairly well starting out. I drank the liquid in big gulps, followed by a sip of Pepsi to wash the taste away. After drinking the 8 ounces I had to wait 15 minutes before doing the same thing again, and continue that process of every 15 minutes until the gallon container was empty.

And here is where I’m going to suggest a few tips to make this process easier.

1) You CAN add flavoring. After an hour of drinking I called the pharmacy that filled this prescription because I was sure there HAD to be a mistake. “No, the prescription is correct” I was told. “But you can add flavoring if you want”. (That would have been nice to have been told that when picking this up at CVS, I thought to myself) I was told Crystal Light could be added, but nothing red or blue in color. So my husband went to the grocery store (bless his sweet soul) and picked up a peach tea flavoring.

2) Don’t flavor the whole gallon. Crystal light helps but you need variety to get through the whole gallon.  I wished I had flavored each individual 8 ounces of liquid because the peach tea/salt water blend became very hard to keep down closer to the end of the gallon. I would suggest getting multiple crystal light flavors so you can change up, when your stomach starts screaming, “WHAT?! YOU thing I’M GOING to drink more OF THAT?! OH nooooooooo HAHAHAHAHA, I don’t THINK SO!” Because that will happen and your tummy will try to throw it back up to you. “Here, take it back!”

3) Start earlier than your instructions tell you to. Mine indicated to start at 6PM and try to complete it in 4 hours. I started at 5PM and was still drinking at 11:30PM. I had to wait 20-30 minutes between 8 ounces closer to the end because it was either that, or throw it up. So give yourself more time.

I posted a statement on Facebook during my “drinking session” and it opened up a large conversation with other veteran colonoscopy survivors weighing in on wisdom. You can read that here. (If you can’t see it, just click on “follow” under my FB cover image and then you can see all my posts in your FB feed. (How is that for a free plug?)

Part 3 coming up: What it’s like hugging a bathroom, tips on how to make it easier, and how to tell your husband that you are not available to help him carry furniture.