Facebook – the name nazi

I am having a love hate hate relationship with Facebook lately. Our relationship became so rocky I accepted defeat and deleted my blog’s Facebook page. It wasn’t worth my time when only 5 people would see anything I posted there. So I became angry and said “BE GONE you…you…Facebook page!”

Then I started using my regular Facebook account as a part personal/part blog promotion site because more people saw my stuff. And THEN I noticed a lot of my blog friends where using their middle name area for their blog name. How clever, I thought!

So I got me a big cold glass of diet pepsi and wiggled into my favorite reclined seat of my couch with my laptop and began the name edit. This is brilliant! Why hadn’t I thought of doing this before?? I was on the profile edit screen and typed:

Debbie (Wrinkled Mommy) McCormick. Then I clicked “save changes.” Oh but no – I couldn’t do that because Facebook slapped me and said “YOU’RE using brackets!! YOU can’t use Brackets on Facebook!!!!” Moron!!!

Ok, so I decided to use hyphens.

Debbie – Wrinkled Mommy – McCormick. Then I clicked “save changes.” I was happy that it worked and the hyphens didn’t freak Facebook out. I backed out and checked out my new profile and didn’t like it. It looked a bit weird to me because the text wrapped instead of staying on one line.

Is it Debbie Wrinkled? Or Mommy McCormick??

So I went back again to the edit page to change it back. Oh but no. Facebook slapped me again and told me “NO, YOU CAN”T CHANGE YOUR NAME MORON. HAHAHA – You JUST CHANGED IT, What are you, STUPID??

“You are in “time out” for 60 days – then you may change your name.”

Wait. 60 days?? Really Facebook? Have you ever written a typo and had to wait 60 days to edit it?? I’m thinking no. Who does that?

You are the salt in my ice cream. The mustard in my yogurt. The vinegar in my coffee.

You’re just…just…a big meanie.


Debbie Wrinkled.