Raising Chickens: As if I didn’t have enough mouths to feed already!

Now we have chickens.

And I know nothing about them.

Thankfully, David is taking over the care and maintenance of these little buggers and I’m googling facts whenever I have the time.

Like now.

Want to know what chickens can eat besides grain? Pretty much anything, such as table and cooking scraps. We have fed ours peas, corn, leftover bread, lettuce scraps, etc.

David and I had a conversation the other day about chicken. “Should I feed the chickens the chicken scraps from our dinner plates?” he asked.  I voted, NO! Because, well, they’re chickens. And that seems so wrong. We don’t eat humans (well some psychos might but that is not the point) so I don’t think chickens should eat chickens. It could possibly make them psycho and then when we “process them” which is the nice way to say ‘kill em and eat em’, I don’t want to be eating psycho birds.

And again…I know nothing about them. Maybe some of you chicken gurus can weight in on this topic.

I did learn what NOT to feed them though. The pit and peel of avocadoes, chocolate, green potato skins and dry beans. These contain toxic components that could harm them.

By this Fall, we could start seeing some egg layin’ going on.

I can’t wait for that part.

Do you have chickens? Do you want to educate me on chickens? Do you want to tell me it is a crime against chickens to own chickens and not really know anything about chickens? I’m all ears – speak up.