Dear OBGYN: I don’t need to exercise, I have kids.

gymDear OBGYN who raised an eyebrow and showed disapproval when I admitted I do not exercise.

I would like to claim a retraction. You see, when I was naked with only a paper bib as my shield of confidence while lying there resembling a horizontal jockey, I was a bit intimidated. In my most vulnerable position you asked me questions from which the answers would result in either, feeling successful and a respected patient of yours, or feeling as if I were a lazy human being.

I picked the latter, because I chose to be honest and admit that I do not exercise. Your silent pause and follow up question, “You don’t… exercise…at all?” brought back feelings of being in middle school and getting a test back from the school teacher with an F written in red. And circled.

So yes, I am claiming a retraction. If I had been more quick thinking in my naked state, I would have told you this.

Yes I do exercise. In fact, I exercise from the moment I get up from my bed in the morning until the moment I get back in my bed at night. I have my own gym inside my house.  No, there are no treadmills or weight lifting machines. Who needs those? I have heavy baskets filled with folded laundry being lifted and carried to children’s bedrooms. I work out my arms often throughout the day, far more than any weight lifter in the mirror filled room at the gym because I am lifting 40 to 50 lb children ongoing for 14 hours a day. I don’t need a rowing machine; I have a mop and a dirty floor. AND a heavy vacuum cleaner. I don’t need an exercise class to speed my heart rate up. This happens at least 4 times a day as I do my toy and clutter house pass-through. I don’t need to go walk a track somewhere else. I am on my feet walking, all. day. long.

In closing, thank you doctor for doing your job and asking the required questions. However, maybe it is time for all doctors to first ask, “Do you have any young children?” And if the answer is yes, leave it at that.


Healthy, fit, mom who never exercises