So I am homeschooling and it is really kind of cool

I could have started this with “Someone shoot me now.” I’ve had a few of those days since I started homeschooling on September 1st 2014. My first year ever. Four kids. Ages 8 (third grade) and 6 (Kindergarten). Yes, there have been moments when I could have said that. Especially when trying to teach how to tell time. You would think that would be pretty easy. I’m here to tell you it isn’t. But we are plugging along and I have to say, that life is so much easier now. It’s like life has slowed down.

We have time for extra things now, that I couldn’t imagine trying to work in our schedule when they were in public school. Last year we were so busy in the evenings with homework, baths, dinner, and preparing everything for the next morning to get up and do it all over again. Now our evenings are free.

Free for the girls to explore dance.

Free to be available to help on the farm.

Free to just slow down and look.

sun2And listen to roosters

Free to play with Boots

BootsAnd enjoy the Alpacas

This is a place I never thought I would be in. A couple of years ago I would have laughed if you asked me if I would ever homeschool. Now, just after a few weeks of doing it, I just can’t imagine not homeschooling.

So yeah…things are kind of cool.