It’s all relative

Every now and then a day occurs that makes you just want to yell out “what the crap universe?!?” Now before I blog about our day, I am not complaining. What happened today is just life. And so far, we are pretty darn lucky to have avoided the hardships many other people are experiencing today. On a side note, many times at night when I am sinking in my warm bed and thinking of the blessings I have that many other people do not, it pains my heart. No one should go to bed hungry. Or without a bed to lay in. Or without a home to shelter them. But there are many who in fact live like this.

So no, I am not complaining.

So, with that said, We lost one of our Alpacas this morning AND my husband has a fractured angle and damaged knee.

We found April this morning. She was old and we knew she was showing signs of her body wearing out. It is still sad because she was such a sweet heart with gentle eyes and a trusting spirit.

April - Alpaca

David and the boys buried her this morning. RIP April. We love you. I will miss your soft eyes and sweet personality.

It was hard for David, physically, because he has been dealing with a hurt ankle and bad knee. The bad knee has been going on for a year or so. The hurt ankle has been going on a week, since our son ran a lumber cart into the back of his foot last week at Lowes Home Improvement. When that happened, it hurt, but he walked it off and went on with this day.

But as days when on, his ankle became more painful. Last night he could hardly put any weight on it at all. So this morning we decided it was time to go have it looked at. At the hospital, they told us it was fractured and also there is some tendon damage. So he now has a temporary cast on it and the bad knee is supported as well. Next will be an appointment next week with an Ortho specialist.


As I was sitting in the waiting room at the ER, a woman began talking to me. Just small talk…nothing major. Then she confided in me about the couple she was sitting next to. Their son was brought in due to a drug overdose. Then as I was talking to her, I remembered the moments before when I bounced my kids (one by one) on my tired knee and played horse.

“This is what it feels like to walk…this is what it feels like to trot…this is what it feels like to canter…” I played with them, as they laughed in delight.

I noticed the kleenex the woman held in her hand. Now I realize what it was for.Then I felt bad for giggling so much with my kids while this mother held her damp kleenex in her palm not knowing the fate of her son. While we were there, just killing time, waiting to take our loved one home to mend, they were there wondering if their loved one would live.

Talk about a wake up call!

Life is relative. We all go through hardships. I have learned that my worst days are better than other people’s worst days. At least they have been so far. But maybe I will have a really “worst day” that will be worse than someone elses worst day.

It’s all relative.

It’s all part of this thing we call…life.

Sometimes we lose… sometimes we win…