Is Wine Really Harmful For Diabetes Patients?

According to a study, more than 29 million Americans suffer from Type 2 diabetes. When compared to non-diabetes patients, type 2 diabetes patients are more prone to heart diseases.  Apart from medication and insulin, diet plays a vital role in controlling the blood sugar level.

wine and diabetes

Most of the dieticians and doctors believe that starchy carbohydrates elevates the blood sugar level, but there is a common myth that consuming wine helps in reducing the risks of heart diseases. Some study also states that alcohol helps in reducing blood sugar level and keeps you away from heart diseases. Specifically intake of red wine keeps blood sugar level declined up to one day after its consumption, but diabetes patient should restrict themselves with single glass per day, because consuming more than one glass could elevate the blood sugar level.  Due to this reason, American Diabetes Association suggests to monitor your blood glucose level in three stages, first before the wine intake, second during consumption and third after consumption.

Proven facts behind intake of wine

A study conducted by Annals of Internet Medicine proved that few components of red wine helps in decreasing the cholesterol level and eventually prevents heart diseases. As part of the study, more than 200 people followed Mediterranean diet that is rich in carbohydrate, among them a group of people were provided  red wine, another group of people were provided with white wine and remaining with mineral water. This study prolonged for 2 years, as a result, peoples those who had Mediterranean diet and red wine showed improvement in blood glucose level and lipid values. Also there was a good improvement in HDL cholesterol.

blood sugar level

The type of alcoholic beverages intake do not matter when it comes to reducing blood sugar level, even white wine shows the same result as red wine, blood sugar level has considerably reduced and proves that all the alcoholic beverages has the same effect rather than particular kind of beverage.  Not only the quantity of wine, also the consumption time of the beverage matters in the blood sugar level.

A problem in alcohol intake of type 2 diabetes patients is that, the low blood sugar level has same effect of drinking alcohol, so people may mistake that behavioral changes of the person is due to consuming alcohol, but the actual reason behind is declined blood glucose level.

Required measures

All the people do not have ability to metabolize the alcohol in the same manner, some people are slow in metabolizing the alcohol and others are fast, so the people who are slow in metabolizing the alcohol have great benefits in reducing the blood sugar level.  It is suggested that people need to be cautious in consuming alcohol, one needs to be sure that consuming wine with meals actually helps in reducing the blood sugar level only then people can start consuming it regularly, for that they need to check their blood glucose level before and after consuming wine.