Cinnamon and Its Health Benefits

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The inner bark of the trees from the genus Cinnamomum is the main source of cinnamon. Cinnamon has been used in traditional medicine since the early times but it is more commonly known today for its added flavor and aroma to several cooked and baked foods, as well as beverages. This time, you will know more about cinnamon and its many health benefits due to the fact that in just two sticks of cinnamon or 8 grams consumed, around 20 kcal of energy will be obtained plus significant amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Among the many interesting health benefits of cinnamon is preventing cancer. Studies show that cinnamaldehyde along with eugenol extracts of cinnamon oil inhibits damages from gastric cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, and other tissue mass. Cinnamon also aids in controlling sugar levels by regulating insulin levels in the bloodstream and monitoring insulin function in insulin-resistant type diabetes or type 2. Adding cinnamon in meals allows for proper absorption of glucose after eating. This is because of a chemical in cinnamon that acts like insulin. Through this, polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS in overweight women and in those with diabetes type 2 is also prevented because this allows hormones to function properly. Menstrual problems and pains can also be relieved by drinking a warm cup of tea with cinnamon. Cinnamon also works on maintaining a balanced cholesterol level by increasing good cholesterol or HDL. It also works in the brain by promoting proper coordination and functioning with the body. It prevents neurodegenerative disorders that is caused by impaired neuronal functioning. The gut is also protected by the anti-microbial property of cinnamon, thus inhibiting stomach problems especially those caused by the fungus Candida. There is also an anti-inflammatory property in cinnamon that effectively reduces local inflammation and pain which can be severe if not prevented and treated. On a currently important health issue, cinnamon is being studied on its potential in fighting the prevalent HIV-1. This is important since there are no known medication nor herb that can fight off the HIV virus.


Cinnamon may be traditionally known for its warming relief on simple illnesses such as colds or flu, but there are other clinically important effects that should be considered for further examination to maximize the health benefits of cinnamon. As for now, you can enjoy a cup of your warm beverage with cinnamon paired with a cinnamon toast, a perfect healthy combination.


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